Show the amount of assignments, not the percentage

Idea created by Jill Mallek on Apr 25, 2018
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    Hi folks! I had a faculty member come to me, because she wanted to see about turning the Assignments column to a number, instead of a percentage, but it appears to not be an option (after working with my awesome CSM to verify this).



    When you hover over the 100%, you can see how many they completed, but in this class, they have to attend at least 12 performances. They have 20-30 performances they could attend, and they can attend them all, but have to go to at least 12. So when she sees 100%, it's not useful. She does have the total of assignments in the muted total column, and when she exports the CSV, it can be found in the spreadsheet, but all these options make her do more work. 


    Right now her assignments group (called Assignments) doesn't have the three buttons to click on, but it would be great if this was an option to swap it to the text she gets when she hovers over it.