New Gradebook - Sort By Section in Merged Courses

Idea created by Ronald Vanderveer on Apr 26, 2018
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    In the new gradebook beta, I have lost the ability to separate my gradebook pages by section number in any courses that I have merged.


    In the new gradebook, I can sort the students by name, and then by section, but not by section first, and then by name. So I end up with a list of students that are all mixed together from different sections and trying to view them as a single section together is impossible. There are several situations where I want to see just one of my merged sections in the gradebook, the most obvious being when I am entering grades for a class and I have their papers in front of me from just that class.


    So, one of two things needs to be implemented:

    1) allow the instructor to sort the gradebook by separate sections, just like it is now in the current gradebook version, and then keep all the other features untouched, or...

    2) allow the instructor to sort the student names by section as a primary field, not just a secondary info field. But that would force the first/last name-last/first name choices to become secondary info sort fields, but that seems okay to me.


    Okay, an update. Our technology goddess here at the college showed me that I can do this already (although it's not, in my opinion, intuitive! :-) ). So disregard the badmouthing above of the application, you can sort your merged "new" gradebook by sections as well as student names. Note the familiar drop down list in the middle of the screen.

    Merged course gradebook with section sorting implented


    Here is the link to the information from the Canvas Community that Elisabeth Craft gave me, and it works well: New Gradebook - Sort By Section in Merged Courses 

    The reason I didn't "get it" on the first run was I thought the "Filter by" menu was for just the assignments columns, in other words I thought that those filters would affect how my assignments would be listed and which ones would show up. I should have played around with it more.


    So, all is well. Thanks Liz!