Sync Grades to SIS should allow Current Grade

Idea created by Jared Hamilton on Apr 27, 2018
    Open for Voting
    •  Mike Sherman
    • Kelly Crone Willis
    • Gary Ware

    When using the "Grade passback" ("Sync Grades to SIS") the Final Grade is always exported.  We collect midterm grades, which the Gradebook view shows accurately in the "Total" column without including assignments not yet graded/started.  When you use the "Sync Grades to SIS" only the "Final Grade" is exported, and for any time prior to the end of the term, will always result in a lower grade.


    The Sync should default to using the "Final Grade" but allow the admin (at setup time) or the faculty (when submitting grades) to choose whether to use the Final Grade or the Current Grade.  "Current Grade" is included if we export grades to CSV, so it seems relatively simple to add a checkbox or dropdown to allow the user to select "Current Grade" and then change the process to submit the "Current Grade" based on the checkbox or dropdown.


    This would allow sync'ing to be used at various times throughout the academic cycle (midterms, progress reports, etc).