Direct-URL to navigate to native bookmarks in PDF using DocViewer

Idea created by Don R on Apr 27, 2018
    Open for Voting

    The standard Chrome PDF viewer respects a [\#]navigation-id in a URL, based on a native PDF bookmark in that file.

    This is a useful feature, as a multi-chapter PDF file can be addressed by chapter in the URL.

    For instance, 

    will download the specified PDF document, then automatically navigate to the PDF-bookmark "This-Chapter-Title". 


    It would be wonderful to be able to do the same thing with DocViewer by providing a link such as:


    Our course workflow relies on a single, master PDF "Reader" containing dozens of sessions (lectures and labs.)

    We simply don't have the manpower to maintain individual session documents from year-to-year.

    (A single "Reader" also enforces stylistic guidelines on individual session-authors.)