M for Missing, E for Excused

Idea created by Dianne Bey on Apr 30, 2018
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    In my CANVAS, since Aspire the gradebook will not accept an override from M, it would be helpful if Canvas would allow for M for missing. When my students look at their grades in Aspire, there is a feature that displays M's (for Missing) in a glance. BUT, since Aspire will not accept overrides from Canvas when an M is put manually in by the teacher in Aspire initially, but WILL ACCEPT anything from Canvas, if Canvas had the M's feature, then it would be great.


    • Dianne Bey

      Also the App on my phone for Canvas is great in that if there are missing assignments, there is an indicator displaying how many assignments are ungraded. I can go there and be assured that I got them all. Sometimes in Canvas depending on the desktop I am using, ungraded assignments will show up with a slight beige color to them if they have been altered and its hard to see at times. If the desktop Canvas had an indicator like on the Canvas App that would allow me to how many are ungraded at a glance that would help.efficient grading#grading at a glance