Exportable Syllabus & Assignments or Expand Assignments button

Idea created by vrichter@exeter.edu on May 1, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I know there was a request for a printable syllabus by Renee Carney last year.  I'd like to reconsider that idea as an exportable file that includes the syllabus and the course assignments, with all the text from them available.  


    As part of our students' college application, recently college admission officers have begun asking to see the complete syllabus and assignments list as part of the considerations of how highly they will "rate" a course.  Since that is often for classes from previous terms, that requires admins going into each course and opening every assignment (35 or more), cutting and pasting the content into a Word document and finally creating it as a PDF.  Arduous to say the least.  Please reconsider either allowing the export to PDF of the entire contents of Syllabus, or Expand buttons on the page to open up the text on the Assignments so one can print the entire HTML page.  


    Thanks, Vi