Make assignments publicly viewable to other students/groups for group presentations

Idea created by Abigail Smith on May 10, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I get this request OFTEN from instructors, and I haven't found an elegant way to do it.  Many times, instructors want students to break up into groups and work on a project together. They also want the groups to present their finished projects to the entire class.  Instructors want to be able to grade those projects as well, of course. What we usually do is set up two assignments:

    • one paper/link/file submission, which is set to be a group assignment, so grades by the instructor propagate to the entire group
    • one public discussion board, where one group member per group posts the presentation for everyone to see and comment on. This is not set for a grade, because if instructors graded it, those grades would only go to the student who posted, not to everyone in the group.

    This is awkward, though, because students have to submit twice.  It would be really great if group assignments could have a feature that allows them to be made visible to everyone in the course, so that everything is one place.  Instructors can grade from that assignment, with the grades applying to all group members; and other students can see presentations from that assignment.


    Or some other elegant way to do this would be great!