Use Outcome Description Instead of Title for Criteria in Rubric

Idea created by John Reiels on May 11, 2018
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    • John Reiels

    Currently, an outcome's title is used as the criteria when using an outcome in a rubric.  In many instances, the title of the outcome in Canvas tells teachers and students little about what is being measured or what the outcome is.  For example in Canvas, the title of outcomes read something like "CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.L.1" and when that appears as the criteria being measured in a rubric, students and teachers don't know what that is.  The actual description of the outcome is, in this instance, "Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking" which provides both students and teachers a better understanding of what is being measured.  This happens to be a Common Core State Standard, so this is something that K-12 districts across the country would have in common.  It is not unique to our school district or state.  These are imported by Canvas so we have no ability to change them.


    Here's an example of the difference it makes.  To get this to show in the example, we took the outcome's description and added it to the title.  If we want to do this for all outcomes Canvas imported for us, we need to export all the outcomes, make changes to them all, and then re-import them, which is a lot of work.  It would be better if rubrics used the outcome's description as the criteria instead of the outcome's title in rubrics.  Another solution could be to provide institutions the opportunity to choose whether to use titles or descriptions in rubrics (in case some would want to continue to use titles).


    Absent the option to have descriptions for outcomes, our teachers are opting to create their own criteria, which also means we are not able to monitor progress on state and national standards (outcomes).

    Outcome Description Replaces Outcome Title