SpeedGrader RH Navigation change

Idea created by Jesse Anderson on May 13, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Joyce Felder

    I use SpeedGrader for all grading since the toolset best matches my needs. However, there's one frustrating aspect, albeit a minor one, that I wanted to open up for a discussion.


    When in SpeedGrader, I can easily toggle between students and assignment submissions. It's very intuitive in its layout. The one area that's frustrating is that the entire height of the panel from 'submission to view:' on down is one single, scrollable panel. Both my students and I use the comments box to communicate (questions, answers, corrections, etc), and after some time, the column fills with comments. To reach the most recent comments, I have to scroll to the bottom of this panel to read what my students have written, and as such, lose easy access to the files/scores.


    As a feature request, can this RH SpeedGrader panel be enhanced so that column is now split into two rows? One fixed panel on top with the 'submission' thru 'Assessment' scoring fields, and one scrollable row for any and all comments? For me, it's more beneficial to have quick access to the files and score while I sort through the chronology of commentary both I and my students have uploaded. This also helps ensure that I'm catching the most recent files as expected, but also provides me a visual cue to look at past submissions when needed.


    Thanks for reading!