Built-in video platform for lecture recordings

Idea created by hicham jansis on May 14, 2018
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    • tutsirai kuuya
    • artur balcewicz
    • Leonardo Santos
    • Pablo Mora

    Hi everyone

    I am a student at The University of Sydney and Canvas was introduced to us this year. 

    It was such a great experience for all students. 

    I have a suggestion that might be more useful for students especially university students. which is to have a built-it video platform for lecture recordings rather than opening different player within the window of canvas (in this case echo360 player). 


    I would suggest the following sketch map of how to access the lecture recording.


    - When you open the subject dashboard, you see on the left side of the tool bar an option called "Lecture Recording"

    - When you click that option, a new window will show which has all the recordings sorted by Lecture number, week of the lecture and the date of the lecture.

    - When you open one of the recording, a player powered by Canvas will load the video. And that player is smooth and easy to use with different tools such as download file,subtitle,jump over, etc. 


    Most of universities students have daily access to lecture recordings. why don't we provide them a smooth experience of it via Canvas itself?


    Thank you all