New Gradebook - Automatically update cell color and tag when grade is entered

Idea created by Nathan Campbell on May 17, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Nathan Campbell

    The issue: The New Gradebook supports the use of a small number of tags (e.g. Late, Missing, etc) along with colors that fill a particular cell to denote additional information for the teacher and the student. Many teachers find this feature in the New Gradebook to be a useful.


    Going further, a teacher can set a Late Policy that automatically applies the color to a cell if work is not turned in by the assigned due date. In doing this, Canvas automatically applies the late/missing color tag to a student and fills in the cell with the corresponding color.


    These tools are beneficial in a number of ways.


    However, when the teacher then enters a grade into a cell marked missing (and is filled with a color), the missing tag is not automatically removed. The teacher needs to perform an additional operation to actually remove the tag and color from the cell.


    My idea: Create a patch code for these tags that would create the following action: IF teacher enters grade in a cell previously tagged as missing THEN Canvas would automatically remove the tag and corresponding color from the cell.


    This would save teachers seconds per student .....minutes per week ...and possibly a few hours over of the course of an academic year by removing the need for them to (1) enter the grade and (2) then toggle into their late policies and remove the missing tag (and the subsequent color fill in the cell).