Crossword Puzzle Generator on Canvas!

Idea created by Christian Andres on May 24, 2018
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    • John Boekenoogen
    • Christian Andres
    • Lana Sumpter
    • Kelley L. Meeusen
    • Robert Gilpatric
    • Gideon Williams
    • Larry Turner

    Crossword Puzzles on Canvas


    Being able to create a crossword on Canvas with some of the same features as a Quiz (grading, time-limits, due dates, etc.) would be fantastic! Many educators use various apps to generate crosswords but nobody seems to have a great program or one that could easily  integrate into a student/grading learning system. This addition to Canvas seems like an easy "add on" and one many instructors would utilize. I think a feature like this would take Canvas to the next level and be greatly appreciated by educators who are currently using a mixed bag of apps. to generate crossword puzzles for students.