Scheduled For rather than Due for Offline Quizzes/Tests

Idea created by Andrew Swift on May 22, 2018
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    In my classes in addition to assignments I have quizzes/tests in class on paper.  I would like these to show up in Canvas on the calendar, which leaves me with two options.  Either create an offline assignment and use the due date field to record the date and time of the test so it shows up in the right place on the calendar, or leave the due date blank and create a separate event on the calendar for test.


    The former is preferable to the latter, however because we use the due date to represent the scheduled time of the test, grades will be entered much later and will all show up as Late.  


    One solution would be to allow in the case of offline submissions to replace specifying a Due Date with specifying a "Scheduled For" date.


    This would also be very useful for the course summary list on the Syllabus page, Assignments would be listed with Due Dates and Offline Tests would be listed with Scheduled dates.