Sorting Learning Outcomes

Idea created by Ruben R.J. Steins on May 23, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Ruben R.J. Steins
    • Rob Ditto
    • Robin R.J.H. Agterberg
    • Mark M.H.M. Mestrom
    • Hanneke Dam
    • Fleur F.C.W. Deenen
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Kristen Hughes
    • Joris J.H.J. Geurts

    On the Learning Mastery page, the order in which the Outcomes are shown seems arbitrary. Although the order can be changed by dragging the columns around, the change is not persisted in any way (see also this question and this question). 

    Outcomes in Learning Mastery are shown in an arbitrary order.


    The way we use Outcomes, there is a certain story we want to tell. There is cohesion between the Outcomes so there is a correct and logical way they should be ordered. 


    It would be great if we could persist the way we want our Outcomes to be ordered in the Learning Mastery overview.


    It would be acceptable, though a poor substitute for a real solution, if the order was at least something logical and predictable like say alphabetically (that way we could use a prefix to control order).