Ability to copy, duplicate, clone and revise learning outcomes

Idea created by Barbara Reklis on May 24, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I'd like to re-open and build upon the following idea originally posted by Peggy Dove:


    It would be great to be able to copy and then revise learning outcomes at the account level!  We have changed the naming convention/notation of our learning outcomes slightly, and we have a few small revisions from last year.  Since the previously entered learning outcomes were used in previous courses, I am not able to edit/revise them....so now I have to re-enter our full range of learning outcomes for the whole organization.  A copy/duplicate feature (which seems intuitive) would literally save me several days of menial work.


    We have imported Common Core standards for ELA and Math at the account level for our teachers, but because teachers can not change the calculation method or (even more important) the criterion point values, these outcomes are rendered essentially useless.  Teachers need to be able to edit the point structure to make the outcomes work for their classes.  At the very least, please update the outcomes available for input to mimic state reporting.  The California Dashboard reports on a 4 point scale: 4 (Standard Exceeded), 3 (Standard Met), 2 (Standard Nearly Met), 1 (Standard Not Met).  I would also like to see 0 (No Credit or Not Completed/Observed) with this scale.  The existing 5/3/0 scale does not fit our teachers needs and does not align with the standards it is intended to represent.


    Jose  Rosario