Microsoft Sway and Adobe Spark LTI

Idea created by Anthony England on May 27, 2018
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    What started out as a rueful request for a better user experience around the need to inject HTML has morphed into a request to get a partner to develop LTI integration with Microsoft Sway and Adobe Spark - both fantastic user-friendly ways to create engaging websites (as an extra easter egg... get Sway/ Spark to play nicely with so the user can easily embed learning widgets they have made with h5p...)


    I find Sway and Spark are getting great traction with our teachers and students because of the simple-to-create-super-cool-looking content experience. We are able to keep their focus on the learning experience/ function, without consuming all their time on the look, but by using Sway/ Spark - they can still get that smokin' look


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    For readers who don't just skim read and skip like I usually do... here is the original request for a bit of context


    I'm pretty sure we have all found a great site we want to embed into a content page in Canvas, and end up telling the user to 'create an iFrame...'. Do we really need the user to know how to switch to edit HTML and know how to inject well formed iframe tags?


    Why not have an advanced button on the 'external URL' option to allow for some iframe options


    From this:

    Click on a new 'Advanced' button, and it would become something like this:

   to see this in action...