Parent assignment complete email should link to grade

Idea created by Kristen Hughes on May 28, 2018
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    When I get a parent email about an assignment being complete, it links to the assignment. I assumed the rubric I saw there was the grade (and my student was getting all "fully demonstrated" grades on the rubric -- oh no, that wasn't the case, and in fact I should have been setting up a parent-teacher meeting!).


    Turns out, this is the generic rubric, with a column on the right that is ALWAYS "fully demonstrated."



    To get to the grade on the assignment, I need to click into "grades" then find the assignment in a super long list, then click on the graded assignment to see the actual grade.


    Parent action needed after getting the email: 2 clicks, scroll, reconfirm assignment name, click. 


    Instead, the link on the email should go straight to the grade, please.