View Multiple Submissions from Gradebook/Student Grades

Idea created by Kaylee Ridd on Jun 1, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I have many assignments in my course that are designed to be submitted multiple times before they are "complete". However, when students make multiple submissions (or, "Resubmit") an assignment, the only place you can view all the submissions is from the SpeedGrader. I would like to be able to see that multiple items have been submitted anywhere I am looking at that assignment, for example, in the Gradebook view > Student Grades page. Right now, if a student "resubmits" an assignment, this page only shows the most recent submission. 


    To further clarify what page I am talking about, it would be when you go to your Gradebook, click on an individual student's name to go to their grades page, and then click on the assignment. If this area could have the same dropdown menu showing multiple submissions that the Speedgrader has, that would be awesome!