Ways to avoid losing speedgrader comments

Idea created by David Straayer on Jun 5, 2018

    I'm still occasionally losing speedgrader comments because I fail to click on the "submit comment" button.   I'd not be surprised if others have the same problem.  Students ask me: "Why did I get graded down...", and when I look, I sometimes find that there is an un-posted comment explaining.  I remember sometime seeing a pop-up warning something like: "You are about to leave a page with un-saved data."  That is helpful when it happens, but either I miss it sometimes, or it doesn't always appear.  Maybe this is Firefox-dependent.


    So, I've been trying to brainstorm for ways to forestall this problem.  I'm familiar with user-interface programming in general, but not so much in in web-based UI. 


    Would it be possible, for example, to detect three successive carriage returns in the text box for comments, and use that as a  trigger to save?  Can you think of any other way to minimize this problem.