Mute Assignment Without Muting Peer Review Feedback

Idea created by Sam Kesala on Jun 5, 2018
    Open for Voting



    We would like to request a feature that would allow a teacher to mute an assignment in Canvas without muting the feedback that comes from student peer reviews.


    How things currently work:

    If you mute an assignment that has peer review enabled, the feedback from peer review will also be muted. This means that muting hides both grades from the teacher and feedback from other students.


    How things should work:

    It should be possible to, when muting an assignment, allow for feedback from peer reviews to remain visible while still hiding from students grades that the teacher may be working on.


    Our reasoning:

    These are two separate concepts and should not be affected by the same feature. It is very reasonable for a teacher to want to work on grades and keep this aspect muted at the same time that students provide and view feedback between each other. This feedback does not influence their grades, and therefore it should be possible to mute grades without muting feedback.


    Thank you!