Quiz Multiple Submission defeat auto-submit

Idea created by GaTech2018! Brown on Jun 6, 2018
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    In our class, we allow students the option of multiple submissions during  the period the quiz is open.  Our quizzes are structured:

    • Open Date
    • Close Date
    • View Grade Date (=Close Date+1)


    We have students who are submitting quizzes.  If they reopen the quiz during the quiz available time, look at the quiz but do not hit the submit button, clearly their intent was not to submit a quiz.


    However, from How do I manually submit outstanding student quiz submissions?  , once the close date occurs, the students quiz, which they aborted, is auto-submitted and they are scoring a zero, as if found here (excerpt from the link):

    These submissions will be submitted and considered outstanding after an event occurs that attempts to calculate their quiz grade. These events may include ending of availability dates, deleting or editing the quiz, attempting to view the outstanding submission, and editing an assignment group.


    This adds considerable work to our team.  Now, I realize some instructors in some classes may want this.  But, there should be a check box for quizzes, configuring the quiz to Ignore Unsubmitted Attempts.


    Thank you, 

    Lee Brown

    Georgia Tech