Add "on paper" as submission type in Quizzes.Next

Idea created by Eric Werth Champion on Jun 6, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • John Boekenoogen
    • Jennifer Carpenter
    • Gideon Williams
    • Todd Van Zandt
    • Kimberly Smith
    • Tim Maw
    • Kalli Binkowski

    I would like to see "on paper" as an option in Quizzes.Next.  We have many faculty that give quizzes in class but need to create these as standard "assignments" so that they can indicate a point value where no questions are given through Canvas.


    If faculty could create a quiz, indicate a point value for the assessment, and mark it is given "on paper" through Quizzes.Next, then they could enter a grade without the less intuitive process of creating an assignment call "midterm exam", "Week 1 Quiz", etc. 


    Currently, the only submission type possible in Quizzes.Next is "external tool" which is necessary, but I would like to see some way added to indicate the quiz is given in class and not through Canvas.