Turnitin Moderated Grading missing Moderate Button, disable option for External Tool

Idea created by Shawn Sumner on Jun 8, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Natalie Norton
    • Adriana Arce
    • Maeve McCooey
    • Linda J. Lee
    • Rosie Saul

    PROBLEM: When creating a Turnitin assignment as an “External Tool” and enabling “Moderated Grading” the resulting assignment page is missing the “Moderate” button.


    Without a “Moderate” button for the Turnitin assignment, a teacher can’t manage moderation of students and reviewers, which results in the inability to release feedback to students.


    NOTE: Any assignment using an “External Tool” won’t be able to properly utilize Moderated Grading because of a lack of the “Moderate” button. The problem will most likely be observed when teachers try to enable multiple reviewers for Turnitin assignments.


    SOLUTIONS: Depends whether Moderated Grading can be consistently implemented with External Tools.

    • FIX: If an assignment using an External Tool has "Moderated Grading" enabled, please ensure that a "Moderate" button appears on the assignment page.

    • DISABLE: If teacher creates an assignment and selects "External Tool" just automatically disable / gray-out the ability to select "Moderated Grading" if it can't be implemented consistently.

    Please vote up this idea to raise the awareness of the need for a simple and consistent solution for how the assignment option for "Moderated Grading" should be behave with External Tools such as Turnitin.




    IMAGE: Problem with Moderated Grading for External Tools


    Comparing a Turnitin assignment without a "Moderate" button, to a regular assignment with a "Moderate" button.

    NOTE: Without a "Moderate" button, assignments using External Tools won't be able to follow the intended process to manage student reviewers and releasing feedback to students ( How do I add a moderated assignment to be graded by multiple reviewers?  )


    Workaround: In the meantime until a simple solution is provided for Moderated Grading with External Tools, there is a workaround thanks to contributors on the Canvas Community: How do I release annotations and comments to my students via Speed Grader