Summarize Gradebook History

Idea created by Berenice Emehiser on Jun 8, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I would like to request a change to the gradebook history. As it is now, it lists each change individually rather than give a summary, as it used to. As it was in the past, if I needed the details about which assignment got grades changed, I could click on it and get the list.

    The reason I'd like to return to the summary mode is that several years ago I had a student who'd, it turned out, used a key logger to get my password and change his grades. The way he got caught was gradebook history enabled me to see what had been done, and I realized that I'd never made those changes. I then got into a habit of scanning the history for my subsequent classes - a normal class has nearly all the grades entered as a block of grades, with rare single grade changes. When the grade history is shown in blocks: "23 grade changes to assignment 3", for example, it's really easy to check. With the way grade history is listed now, I may not have caught that guy. It's significantly more cumbersome.