Prevent Item Publishing in an Unpublished Module

Idea created by Knox Mallette on Jun 12, 2018
    • John Boekenoogen
    • Knox Mallette

    I've noticed a common issue where instructors are publishing material in a module while forgetting to publish the module itself. The current system seems irrational since you shouldn't be able to publish an item within an unpublished folder (or in this case, module) as the item will never be available.


    When an instructor tries to publish an item in an unpublished module it would be helpful to have either 1) a warning message letting the instructor know students can't see any content in the module until the module itself is published, or 2) prevent instructors from being able to publish anything in an unpublished module at all.


    Having either feature will ultimately improve the student experience since it cuts down one of the more common reasons why students have problems viewing necessary material in their course sites.