Add more teacher control over notifications to students from course elements

Idea created by Jenny Blaine on Jun 15, 2018
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    • Jenny Blaine
    • Dennis Claflin
    • Jean Syjueco
    • Antony Coombs
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Cliff Cunningham
    • Angie Calton
    • Kristian Potter

    We're using Canvas to deliver compliance training. We're delivering a SCORM module as an assignment. We have it set to be graded incomplete/complete. If a student starts the training but doesn't finish it in that sitting, they still get a Canvas email that the assignment has been graded. This is super confusing! They think that they have completed the training, but Canvas is only telling them about their incomplete grade. 


    Requesting a way to mute any learning object from the instructor side so we can control how noisy and confusing our courses might be. Teachers need to have control of what gets sent to students, not students only.

    Thanks for your consideration!


    Jenny Blaine 

    University of Minnesota