Copy this Course - Select destination account for a course copy

Idea created by Michael Maja on Jun 17, 2018
    Open for Voting

    When using the "Copy this Course" functionality (Course Settings > Copy this Course), Canvas creates the course copy in the same account. However, this poses 2 problems:

    1. You can't create a course copy within a different account

    2. If you don't have the "Manage ( add / edit / delete ) courses" permission within the account the course resides in. You won't have access to the Copy this Course menu item, even though you're able to 'Export Course Content'.


    Ideally, Canvas would show the "Copy this Course" button wherever the user is able to "Export Course Content". The Copy this Course function would consider which accounts a user has the "Manage ( add / edit / delete ) courses" permission and display these in a drop-down box within the course copy form.


    This would greatly simplify the workflow of duplicating courses in preparation for upcoming Terms - where courses are first copied into a 'Work in progress/Course design' type of account before they're ready for publishing under their intended faculty account.