Automate "Message Students Who"

Idea created by Chip Persons on Jun 18, 2018
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    • Erich Holtmann
    • Stian Hauger
    • Aisha Jackson
    • Lars Solerød
    • Constanze Weise

    I'm seeking a way to automate Canvas' "Message Students Who" tool. 


    This would be similar to Desire2Learn's "Intelligent Agents" tool, which allows instructors to set up automatic notifications to be sent to themselves, advisors, and students when specified course performance criteria are met.


    In D2L, I used this feature primarily when a student had not visited the LMS course website in a certain number of days or when a student's attendance score in our studio course had fallen toward incurring a penalty to their final grade (as in this instance:… ). 


    This automation has been proposed and supported in another entry, Is there a Canvas equivalent to D2L's Intelligent Agents feature?