Bulk Creation of "Manually Created" (non SIS) Courses

Idea created by Hildi Pardo on Jun 19, 2018
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    I've learned Canvas has no current way of batch-creating non-SIS courses (bulk creation of manually-created courses) -- that allow for self-enrollment.


    We needed 120 courses for staff/teachers to participate in over the summer and coming school year.  We need teachers to self-enroll in these courses.


    Here is what happened:

    • We created and uploaded CSV files for course-creation and enrollment-association.  The course creation file also included adding the courses to a Professional Learning Sub-Account I had created, and the courses received a template.
    • Both CSV files have a column for "course_ID" which is a required field -- so we created fictitious codes in order to have something in this field -- when you enter Course Settings, this code displays as SIS ID. (which is also confusing that they are called different things.   In fact, the CSV field called "short_name" displays in Course Settings as "Course Code"  - ???)
    • Because the course has the SIS ID field filled in in Course Settings, Canvas assumes the course is connected to the SIS.
    • Once there is a code in the course SIS ID field, the option for manual-enrollment is not available.
    • Our Root Account is set so only manually-created courses can have self-enrollment -- we do not allow teachers to self-enroll or manually add students in real SIS courses -- this distinction is necessary.
    • At the Sub-Account level, there is no Setting to allow all courses in the sub-account to be manual enrollment.
    • I found that I -- with System Admin rights -- could enter each of these courses' settings and manually delete the SIS ID code -- this automatically created the self-enroll code -- I did not have to click on More Options and check the box.  
    • I found that Admins of the Sub Account could not remove the SIS ID number so we could split the work. 


    Canvas:  You can follow my Case #03206714
    From Canvas:  "You are correct, Canvas currently does not have any functionality to create Courses in bulk outside of the SIS Import system. Currently, the system only allow self-enrollment to be set at the root account level, and self-enrollment can only be set for 'Manually Created Courses' (not created in bulk) or for 'All' courses.     .........I can see how being able to manually create Courses in bulk could be a needed feature."