Student App - "snooze" notifications

Idea created by David Sheads on Jun 19, 2018
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    • David Sheads
    • Rob Ditto

    It would be great if students could somehow "snooze" course notifications on their devices - for example, when a teacher is adding a large amount of materials after the course has been published.  Ideally, such a "snooze" feature would include the ability to review notifications during the duration of the "snooze" - a "snooze digest," if you will.   


    Often teachers do not realize the amount and type of push notifications that students are receiving on their devices while they are editing their course or assignments.  Rather than encourage/force student to change their notification settings for their device to stop getting notifications, allow for them to turn them off for a few hours, maybe with a reminder to check the "notifications" in the app after the snooze period.


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