Manually entered quiz grades should override new submission quiz grades

Idea created by Lisa Roberts on Jun 21, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Desired Outcome:  If an instructor manually enters a grade for a quiz but a student later submits the quiz, the instructor-entered grade should override the submission and be calculated in the total. Also, an icon should appear to indicate a new submission.


    Current Outcome: If the quiz does not require manual grading (e.g., multiple-choice and true/false questions), the student’s submission score automatically calculates into the total.


    • Example: An instructor gives a zero for a non-submitted quiz. Later, the student submits the auto-graded quiz. The system ignores the zero and includes the submitted quiz score in the total.


    While the new color code yellow means there has been a new submission since the quiz was graded, there should be something more visible, such as an icon, to signify it. This way, the instructor can recognize it still needs to be graded and can choose how to handle the new submission instead of it automatically counting in the total. With it just showing the yellow color and the score, the instructor can easily mistake it for a submission they have already accepted.