Detailed Instructions and Consitency Needed

Idea created by elton riley on Jun 23, 2018

    Before a student takes a test it would be far more helpful that all instructions be made available.  Students should not find out this information once they start a test.  First off it should be made known if a test will time out if the test reaches the due date or can a student continue as long as they started the test before the due date.  It is like flipping a coin as to which outcome you will get because there is no consistency.  At the same institution exams will utilize either outcome which is fine but make us aware of which one it will be before we start the test.  Also it would be important to know if the test will be an open exam or not.  This means will the exam allow us to go to other websites or are we required to stay on the page of the test.  This happened while I was taking a competency exam and when I tried to go to open another browser page I got a warning from the exam.  This is fine as well but we should be told this before the exam.  I went to a two year college where details such as these were made available before we took any exams.  Another problem is I got used to all required and graded work listed on the module pages would have a number next to it like "100".  This obviously means that the assignment is worth 100 points.  However I did not do an assignment two days ago because it was listed as a review and it did not have points listed next to it.  Unfortunately it was a graded assignment and I did not realize this until I noticed my grade was low on the grades section.  There just is no consistency and enough important details for a system that prides itself as being the foundation of education systems.