Show Peer Reviews Given in Speed Grader

Idea created by Matt Carter on Jun 23, 2018
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    • Tammy Ellison
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    • Cynthia Simmons
    • David Mallick

    From this doc, How do I view student peer review comments as an instructor? 


    I see in the speed grader that it shows the reviews students got from other students. It would be nice to also show the reviews the student gave to other students. 


    I see how you can view all of Emily Boone's reviews from the peer reviews link. However, it would also be nice to view them in the speed grader also. So if there was a rubric line item for how well did Emily Boone do in participating in the review process you could see their reviews of Jessica Doe which was completed & Max Johnson which was not and assign the appropriate rubric grade for Emily Boone.