Draft Assignment Comments Alert

Idea created by Jamie Sipe on Jun 27, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Currently, if an instructor types out an assignment comment in the Speedgrader, forgets to click 'submit', and then navigates to the next student, the comment is saved as a draft. It allows the instructor to move on and the alert that the comment was auto-saved as a draft pops up as green on the next page. This alert seems to be overlooked or missed by instructors. I have observed an increase of these draft comments after-the-fact, where it looks like the instructor thought they posted their comment, but it is saved as a draft and/or the student would reply asking for feedback on the assignment because they cannot see the draft. Is there a way to change this process so that it is clear that they did not post their comment yet; for example, not letting them navigate away from the page until they confirm?