Creating Flex Groups for Personalized Learing

Idea created by Leslie Neilsen on Jul 2, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Jeffrey Moshe
    • Justin Keene
    • LaTanya Heath

    As a content teacher in middle school with large rosters, it is necessary to offer multiple pathways to learning.  Last year, I created an entirely different course for my resource students.  My ESL students needed differentiation as well. and oftentimes, we had to find creative ways for them to translate text and offer differentiated products.  Often times, a student has difficultly mastering a concept and can easily master another, and the mastery pathways options is great for that.  I need a way to fully differentiate assessments and text.  For example, some of my students' IEPs state they get only 2 answer choices on a test.  Currently I have to manually assign those students an assessment, which is very tedious and time consuming with 6 classes and nearly 200 students.  It would be great to be able to create groups that are flexible on mastery levels and for students who need differentiation based on data and needs.  This will allow instructors to assign work on the flex groups without students even knowing the work is necessarily differentiated and give the instructors the option to move the students from group to group as needed.

    (For example, Group A needs a lower level text on a current events article, while Group B can read on grade level and Group C can read at a higher level.  All students will complete a performance task on the article--the rubric for the task will be differentiated as well.)