Set standard number of decimal points for quizzes

Idea created by Knox Mallette on Jul 9, 2018
    • Rob Ditto
    • Knox Mallette

    While helping out an instructor I noticed a puzzling lack of consistency with the way the numerical answers in quizzes are reported.


    When the instructor sets the numerical value, they don't see a decimal:


    However, in the Speedgrader students answers show up with four values after the decimal. In addition, the correct answer identified is a number with a different number of values after the decimal place than the answer chosen by the student:

    Finally, the value reported in quiz statistics is out to two decimal places:

    In each instance, the exact same number is displayed differently. For the sake of uniformity, I think it makes it much easier to provide a one size fits all number of digits (if there is no value after the decimal point) to make it easier for instructors to read through their reporting, and confirm whether answer options were set up correctly.