Add Peer Reviews in Speed-grader

Idea created by Cynthia Simmons on Jul 10, 2018

    It would be useful if a student's peer review responses for an assignment are displayed on Speedgrader for that assignment. I include peer reviews in the assignment's grading rubric. If all of the student's input for an assignment was on speed-grader, this would be more efficient, accurate, and time saving.


    For example, as it is now, if I want to grade student "x" for assignment 1:

    1. I need to first go to the assignment 1 page, and click on option one of the three options to take me to the peer reviews page for that assignment 1
    2. look for student X to find out who they reviewed (student A, B, C)
    3. next I need to click on each student reviewed (e.g. A)
    4. And search for the review conducted by student X
    5. I need to do this for each student reviewed by X (A, B, C).
    6. I need to grade each of the reviews based on the rubric, and I need to record this information separately either by taking notes outside of Canvas
    7. Finally, I have to go to speed grader for assignment 1 to find student X, review their assignment, and then complete the rubric for each of the reviews by referring back to my external notes.
    8. Then I have to repeat the process for each student (Y, z.....).


    When you have a large class, this becomes cumbersome and time consuming. An alternative option is to require replies to the discussion board. However, this is not as efficient as peer reviews, since I require specific details and the reply option limits space and organization. Also it becomes confusing because students begin replying to replies, and they become frustrated with the process. It usually takes several weeks to get the students on the same page with process and work out the kinks. When you have a short course this is even more problematic. So, students get frustrated, and this directly impacts the student evaluations of the class, which can impact merit and promotion.  Having the option for Canvas to automatically assign peer reviews is great. However, grading peer reviews is a hassle.


    So my suggestion is that Canvas include student X's peer reviews for an assignment on the speed grader along with their uploaded assignment. This would make it so much easier and efficient if all student work was on speed grader. All the instructor would need to do is:

    1. Go to assignment 1 speed grader for student X.
    2. Read assignment and peer reviews submitted by X
    3. Compete the Rubric, and submit.


    This seems like an easy and logical fix. I am sure other canvas users would agree. If you do, please vote for this IDEA!