Manage Quiz Banks - Quick Access

Idea created by Aaron Bahmer on Jul 10, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Deborah Oakley
    • Aaron Bahmer
    • Carl Guansing

    Within the current quiz tool, in order to manage quiz banks, one has to click the "three-stacked-dots" button and then choose the manage item. Why not just make [Manage Quiz Banks] a button right next to the [+ Quiz] button? I suggest this is an extra, unnecessary pair of clicks since there is only one tool living under this [:] menu -- and it's not really an option for how quizzes work, it's another tool.


    I realize there is some precedence for keeping this tool "under the button," but when I look at Assignments, I see a set of useful buttons right out in the open, ready to click. Under this [:] menu is a true option for assignments - Assignment Group Weights. This seems like an useful inconsistency in a design when deciding what to place under the Options button.


    Assignment "add" buttons


    Sure, some people don't use quiz banks and the button would just be clutter on thier screen, but for those who use the tool, quicker access to it means quicker completion of a job.


    Thanks to James Jones and Stefanie Sanders for helping me clean up and clarify my suggestion.