Show course tiles in dashboard prior to start date

Idea created by Meredith Lowe on Jul 10, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Laurence Kennedy

    We offer online continuing education classes for the general public. We've been struggling with figuring out how to add a "welcome, you've figured out how to log in! See you on X Date when the class starts!" message that is visible to students WITHOUT the rest of the class being visible at all before the start date. We are trying to figure out how to work with our instructors, who are new to Canvas, about what is visible and what is not to our students. It's been very confusing. We had thought that even if a class was published before a designated start date students would not be able to access, but apparently that is not the case and they get read-only access to all published content, which we do not want. If we check the "Students are not able to access the course between X and Y dates" box in settings, the student sees a blank dashboard when they log in and are emailing us, confused about where their class is (not visible before start date).


    What would solve our problem, I think, is that a greyed out tile should appear in students' dashboard that shows that the class is there but will be clickable starting on a specific date. This would solve our entire problem and allow our instructors to play around and figure out their classes without fear that students will be able to access content before it's ready. D2L did this; it just showed an unclickable class title until the class opened on a designated start date.