Make Course List Sorts Sticky

Idea created by J Lee Harshbarger on Jul 11, 2018

    With a recent release of Canvas, the Course List page was changed.  The new layout itself is great, but the problem is that the default sort is so wacky I can't even figure out what kind of order it uses.  Whatever order it is, it's not useful for me.  Although I can change the order (i.e. to sort by course name alphabetically, which I don't understand why it isn't the default to begin with), it doesn't stick -- every time I come to the course page, the wacky order is there again and I have to re-sort.  I would like to have the course list page such that we can choose what we want as a default sort.  If that can't be done, can't you at least put it in alphabetical order like it used to be?


    I don't know if this has to be listed as a separate idea, but also with the new layout, the pages are way too short.  Instead of being able to quickly scroll down through the list, I have to keep going to next page and next page to find what I want.  Under the old system, there was a limit to how many courses it would show, but it was a higher number than what shows now.  Please bring back the longer lists so that I can quickly scroll rather than changing pages so often.