Hide service roles from the UI or separate them from user account roles

Idea created by Jaap Stelpstra on Jul 12, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Frank Vercoulen
    • Jaap Stelpstra
    • Rob Ditto
    • c.w.hermsen@vu.nl
    • J.H.A.W. Vogelsangs
    • Marja van Harlingen
    • Omar-Gabriel Tellers
    • Hans Bömer
    • Rian Zusterzeel


    Recently new service roles have been created for the purpose of LTI service providers, namely:

    • Outcomes Service
    • Next Service


    Currently these service roles:

    • have been created without prior notice to admins
    • are not documented in the community or elsewhere publicly
    • can be configured (permissions) by admins
    • can be manually deleted by admins causing problems with related LTI tool
    • are not meant to be used with user accounts of real people
    • are only meant to be used with service accounts
    • are mixed with account roles for users without any distinction
    • are displayed as default role when adding users to (sub-)accounts


    Suggested solution

    These service roles should either be:

    • hidden from the Canvas user interface (in case the Canvas customer will never need to modify these settings), or;
    • separated from user account roles and made read only, e.g. using a different tabs (without a Add Role button on the Service roles tab/page):

    And in either case, service roles should be hidden in the dropdown list when adding account admins and only list user related account roles: