Include Course Format in Canvas Data

Idea created by Mary Eichin on Jul 13, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Last year at some point the feature idea to Include Course Format in SIS Export Report was acted upon by Canvas (Thank you!) and now this is available in the SIS export reports.


    Currently, this field is not part of Canvas Data. We feel it is important to go one step further and include this in Canvas Data as well. 


    We feel this is a critical business requirement for many schools. There are many examples of when we would need to quickly access this marker (online). For instance:

    1. In a natural disaster emergency where FSU lost service we would want to contact all students taking online courses to apprise them of the issue, and confirm if online courses are still functioning.
    2. In addition, to make an announcement about remote proctoring services to all of our online students – especially in the event us having a testing center closure (which happened last September due to hurricane Irma).
    3. To furnish reports to the FSUS Board of Governors about online course analytics. This entity often request reports with extremely tight deadlines.
    4. For course review. Online course are much more apt to be critically reviewed for quality than traditional face-to-face courses, so we need to constantly review online courses for accessibility and quality.
    5. To query online course format for other related systems and reporting – such as for online fee schedule validation and remote proctor requirements.
    6. To query online course format for third party apps contracted for online students only.
    7. To query online course format to determine usage of third party apps, or library services in general.


    These are some that I can rattle off the top of my head, but there are many more we could come up with. I cannot imagine we are the only Canvas Data users who have such a strong case for field being added to Canvas Data. I feel these are universal issues involving unforeseen natural disasters and heightened needs for reporting and analytics for online courses – at least the requirement to separate them out.


    Our central SIS does not have a reliable marker for this, or even an easy way to query that data, but since we control the course creation data in Canvas, we would be able to have full control over this field for our online courses. It would help us immensely to have this added to Canvas Data. It could mean the success or failure of our online programs, which means it will directly affect our student population.



    Students are our top priority - and we need this to meet the different needs of our online students.