Eliminate the 'External Tool' transfer page for Quizzes.Next in the app

Idea created by Ken Mayer on Jul 16, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Jennifer Carpenter
    • Christine Cassidy
    • Ken Mayer

    The main virtue of Canvas is its simple, friendly UX, but on the app. every Quizzes.Next quiz sends you to an "external tool" page where our students have to click a mysterious "use external tool" button.

    Why do we have to subject them to that EVERY SINGLE TIME? Why do we have to explain to them "Canvas will send you to a mysterious page. Because the quizzes are an 'external tool', you're going to have to click the button on the right...'  Every additional page and additional click means you LOSE viewers. I'm trying to make things easy!


    Ideally, you would eventually migrate Quizzes.Next away from the LTI model, but if you can't do that, surely you could skip the external tool intro page when Canvas detects that the address is for Quizzes.Next. Please!