Combined Scoring and Non-Scoring Rubrics

Idea created by Champion on Jul 17, 2018
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    I would like to be able to create a Canvas rubric that uses both points and the new non-scoring values...all within the same rubric.


    The Issue

    Non-Scoring Rubrics were introduced in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-07-14).  This is a great start, and I would like to see a further enhancement to this feature.  Currently, if you want to use a non-scoring rubric as part of an assignment, it's a sort of "all or nothing".  The check-box to "Remove points from rubric" eliminates the ability to add any rows that contain points.  However, what if you want to build a rubric that contains both possible points and words as values?  For example, when I build curriculum into Canvas, sometimes I'll see something like this:


    Rubric 1


    Definitions of the above:

    Rubric 2



    The total possible points for this assignment would be 60.  However, if the SpeedGrader were to be used for grading, I would either have to:


    • set "Met" to 1 point and "Not Met" to 0 points which then increases the score to a possible 60+...and this may not be what the instructor wants or intends.  (If I set both "Met" and "Not Met" to 0 points, then you end up with something like this when an instructor grades in the SpeedGrader.)
    • create each of the "Met" / "Not Met" rows first via the "Outcomes" area of the course (still setting "Met" to 1 point  and "Not Met" to 0 points), then manually insert each outcome into the rubric one by one...but tell Canvas not to use that particular outcome for scoring.  This keeps the total points for the assignment at 60 and also allows instructor to click on "Met" or "Not Met" but will not add an additional 1 points for each of those rows.


    The Solution

    Create some kind of toggle or option that would allow us to create rubrics that include rows that have possible points along with rows that only contain words as values.  As with the current non-scoring rubrics, we can customize what words we want displayed in those rubrics.