Admin Tools - Preservation of Critical Data

Idea created by Joni Miller Expert on Jul 18, 2018
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    We have recently discovered that all of the information in  Canvas UI -> Admin -> Admin Tools -> Logging in Canvas data is only retained for one calendar year.This information is imperitive to our institution for things like researching whether a student had access to a class on the first day, whether a grade was changed (if so who changed it and when), and login/logout.  We have some instructors who consistently do not publish their course prior to the first day of class and the fact that this data is not easily available in the UI, canvasdata, or even a report is very frustrating.  Since this information in Admin Tools is only retained for one calendar year, we can't even provide this history to a supervisor if needed since we it's not available.  We also are unable to research in the case of a grade change or refund petition or lawsuit since the data is only kept for one year. 


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