Discussions "Today" post date

Idea created by James Wallerstedt on Jul 18, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Ken Weidner
    • James Wallerstedt
    • Ron Marx

    As with many instructors, I do not want to be notified whenever students make a Discussions post but want to keep the default "daily digest" post setting.


    However, there is an unmet need to be able to quickly scan any Discussions topic and see what posts have been added recently that should be replied to. This cannot be done at present for any posts made same day, because whereas you can search for "Yesterday" to find posts made yesterday or a weekday name (eg: "Thursday") to search for posts made then, the word "Today" does not appear next to posts made same day. For those, time is given. Searching on "pm" would probably find posts made "this afternoon" but searching on "am" doesn't work because it's a common word and sequence.


    I'm thus requesting that the word "Today" be placed above any Discussion posts made, same day. 


    While this would be fast for the Canvas team to accommodate, a further useful step - I'm not requesting this as part of this FI, just mentioning it as food for thought - would be to allow instructors and students to sort any topic by post date and time, versus the current display (oldest to newest threads vs. individual posts).