Matching Question Functionality

Idea created by Gwenda Hawk on Jul 22, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Katie Jones
    • Peter Hopkins

    Example: I have a matching question that provides long descriptions to match with 1-2 word answers. I want the 1-2 word answers to be alphabetized and stay in place int he dropdown menu so students who know the correct answer cane asily find it in the dropdown menu; while the longer descriptions would be shuffled to be in a different order for each student. Currently, to accomplish alphabetized choices with shuffled choices I have to place the long descriptions in the dropdown menu, which is difficult for students to read in order to match. And again, if they know the correct answer, they might have to read through all of the choices in the dropdown before they find it.

    Would you consider switching the two lists? So that the list that can be shuffled is the full view (currently on the left side); while the list that stays in order is the dropdown menu (currently on the right side)?

    IMO, it makes more sense for a dropdown menu to provide list items in a predictable location (like alphabetically) for students who know the right answer to be able to easily find it, rather than having to read every answer choice to find the right answer.