Pre-Quiz Instuctions/Videos/Content

Idea created by Kelly Thompson on Jul 23, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I am not sure if this request fits the "Feature Requests" section. But I will risk it. :-) From what I can tell (and maybe I'm wrong), the quiz timer starts when someone opens the quiz whether or not they are logged into the quiz. I would like to use quizzes to create conditional content in mastery paths following a low score on a class-wide quiz. I would like to have students review the material (e.g. watch a video) to further explain the content, and then complete the conditional quiz. If the timer did not start until the student had the opportunity to read the instructions and watch a video, that would streamline the conditional assignments. As it is, I believe I have to create a page, embed the video, and then link to the quiz. Is that correct? If so, my request is: Can Canvas start the timer after a student has actually logged into the quiz?