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Idea created by Janet Bennett on Jul 24, 2018
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    • Amy Chapman
    • Janet Bennett

    Dear Canvas,

    I think it would be helpful to all stakeholders to see on an Assignments page a 3rd field that shows the "Display Grade as" option. 


    Currently this (or just these fields) is displayed in an assignment (in teacher view) after the assignment instructions: 

    Points  100

    Submitting  a filing upload 


    If "Display Grade as" is also displayed, then a reviewer or professor for the course will see this without having to select the Edit button to view or verify it. Hence, knowing/seeing the option selected, without going to Edit 

    A sample for my suggestion:  

    Points  100

    Submitting  a filing upload 

    Display Grade as  Points  


    The Student View might currently shows something like this:

    Due Sep 30 by 11:59pm Points 100  Submitting a file upload 


    With the "Display Grade as" field it could look like this: 

    Due Sep 30 by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload Display Grade as Points


    I think the additional information is best for teachers and users at this level or higher, but it could be helpful for the student too.