Multiple Mastery Paths in one Quiz

Idea created by Jennifer Kershaw on Jul 25, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Jennifer Kershaw
    • Amanda Gavin
    • Darrell Spells
    • Jason Sherwood

    I would like to have multiple mastery paths within one quiz by having multiple questions or question bank linked to a specific mastery path.


    Current Situation

    Each unit/quarter has a set number of standards that are covered.  At the beginning of the unit/quarter I administer a separate quiz for each standard that includes a mastery path.  


    My Vision

    Create one quiz at the beginning of the unit/quarter that would include all of the different standards.  The quiz would be broken into multiple questions or question bank for each standard.  Each group of questions would have it's own mastery path.  



    • Reduce the amount of assessments the students have to take and the instructor has to create.
    • Make the module(s) more user friendly. 
    • Students won't feel overwhelmed by the number to given assignments.
    • Answers to quiz questions may lead to a different mastery path instead of the results of the overall quiz.